Godox UB-130 Parabolic Reflector + Diffuser Combo


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Godox UB-130 Parabolic Reflector + Diffuser Combo

In The Box

  • UB-130 Parabolic Reflector
  • Diffuser
  • Carry Case


UB-130S Reflector 

  • The 51″ Silver Parabolic Reflector from Godox features a silver interior. This unique design increases contrast and highlights crisp details in your subject. The umbrella provides a long throw and creates a sharp and specular look that is ideally suited for portraiture.

UB-130W Reflector 

  • The 51″ White Parabolic Umbrella from Godox enhances your ambient lighting and is well-suited for group shots and portraits. The parabolic design and white interior provide long throw capability while reducing overall contrast, and the umbrella can be used as either a key light or fill light.

UB-130D Reflector 

  • The 51″ Transparent Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a unique light modifier that combines the effects of an umbrella and softbox. The umbrella creates a soft, diffuse light, and the transparent material enables you to use the umbrella as a bounce or a shoot-though light modifier similar to a softbox.

DPU-130T Diffuser

  • The Transparent Diffuser from Godox is specifically designed for the 16-sided, 51.2″ Parabolic Umbrella. It fits over the open side of the umbrella and converts the umbrella into a softbox, creating a soft and diffuse light that reduces hot spots.
    Compatible Umbrella :
    Godox 51.2″ Parabolic Umbrella

DPU-130BS Diffuser

  • This Black and Silver Diffuser from Godox is for 51″ Parabolic Umbrellas. One side of the diffuser features a black material to absorb light and reduce reflections when shooting through umbrellas. This creates more contrast and provides a dramatic look for portraits. The other side of the reflector has a silver material for increasing light output and providing a more specular look. This creates a shinier light that is well-suited for fashion photography, which highlights hair and makeup.


  • Size : 51.2" / 130.0 cm
  • Light Loss : Not Specified by Manufacturer

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