Godox UB-85 Parabolic Reflector + Diffuser Combo


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Godox UB-85 Parabolic Reflector + Diffuser Combo

In The Box

  • UB-85 Parabolic Reflector
  • Diffuser
  • Carry Case


UB-85S Reflector

  • The 34″ Diameter Silver Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a deep modifier that allows the light source to which it’s attached to be moved to the front or back along the shaft to “focus” the light from flood to spot. The parabolic shape is well-known for its sharp falloff that provides directional control, while its silver interior maximizes output.

UB-85W Reflector

  • The 35″ White Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a unique modifier that features a deep design, sharp falloff, and a soft but crisp but soft look. On select fixtures moving the light back and forth along umbrella’s shaft “focuses” the output. The white interior renders a slightly softer look than the silver version and reflects a neutral color rendition.

UB-85D Reflector

  • The 34″ Transparent Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a unique light modifier that combines the effects of an umbrella and softbox. The umbrella creates a soft, diffuse light, and the transparent material enables you to use the umbrella as a bounce or a shoot-though light modifier similar to a softbox.

DPU-85BS Diffuser 

  • This Black and Silver Diffuser from Godox is for 34″ Parabolic Umbrellas. One side of the diffuser features a black material to absorb light and reduce reflections when shooting through umbrellas. This creates more contrast and provides a dramatic look for portraits. The other side of the reflector has a silver material for increasing light output and providing a more specular look. This creates a shinier light that is well-suited for fashion photography, which highlights hair and makeup.

DPU-85T Diffuser 

  • You can easily 33.5″ umbrella into a softbox with the Godox Diffuser for 33.5″ Parabolic Umbrella. Godox makes installation a snap. Just slip the elastic-edged diffuser over the open end of the umbrella, eliminate spill light with a draw string around the flash head, and you’re done. The diffuser reduces light slightly, but that’s a small price to pay for a soft, enhancing quality of light with moderate contrast and a warm, wraparound look.


  • Size : 33.5" / 85.0 cm
  • Interior Color : Silver/ White/ White (Translucent)
  • Exterior : Black/ White
  • Folded Size : L: 17.7" / L: 45.0 cm

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