Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Mini Tripod with Ball Head Kit


  • Load Capacity: 5 Kg (11 lb)
  • Arca-Type Compatible Quick Release Plate
  • Jointed Legs for Diverse Support Options
  • Rubberized Joint Rings and Feet for Grip
  • Full 360° Panning and 90° Tilt
  • Standard 1/4″-20 Mount for Equipment
  • Numbered Scale for Precise Positioning

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Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Mini-Tripod with Ball Head Kit

The GorillaPod 5K Kit is the successor to the Joby GorillaPod Focus & BallHead. The tripod differs from the normal GorillaPod 5K Stand Tripod because this GorillaPod comes standard with a Joby BallHead 5K. The strongest boy in the classroom becomes even more versatile. The GorillaPod 5K Kit is specially developed as an allround tripod for professional photographers and video filmmakers, journalists, vloggers and demanding amateurs. The modern color scheme in black with red accents makes this GorillaPod attractive to see.

Unique flexible tripod

This unique flexible tripod includes a head height of 38.5 cm and because the weight is only 739 grams, you do not have to think about whether or not you’re taking it. The sturdy, solid legs are black and consist of thirty bullet joints. They have rubber ends for maximum grip on smooth surfaces and all bullets have a rubber edge. This allows the GorillaPod 5K Stand to be attached to all kinds of objects: a lantern pole, a railing or a tree branch, nothing is too crazy. Thanks to its robust bullets, the GorillaPod 5K also takes a good deal when you hand it out for eg selfies. The standard GorillaPod 5K Stand Tripod Torch is available with a supplied 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch adapter to fit a telephoto or professional tripod head.

BallHead 5K Tripod Head

The Joby BallHead 5K is specially designed for the GorillaPod 5K Stand. This compact but sturdy ball head is made of aluminum and stainless steel for high durability. The professional Arca Swiss shortcut lets you quickly put your camera on the tripod. With a rubberized knob, you can adjust the horizontal setting of the head, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The ball’s friction is adjustable with a large dial, which is ideal for horizontal and horizontal adjustment of your camera. The ball of the Joby BallHead 5K can tilt 90 degrees for vertical shooting. The ball head is 8.5 cm high and weighs 144 grams. The carrying capacity is 5 kilos, which means that the Gorillapod 5K Kit can wear a sturdy dslr with zoom lens and accessories.

GorillaPod camera stand is the ideal accessory

The GorillaPod 5K Kit is the ideal accessory for the demanding photographer, journalist, vlogger and video maker. Stop this practical tripod in your photo bag or backpack and go on adventure! A GorillaPod comes in handy in all situations where you need a compact camera frame, such as low light conditions or when taking self-timer photos. Or if you want to perfectly position a flash or a target microphone. A GorillaPod is also the only camera frame that is sufficiently flexible to capture images from striking and diverging positions. A GorillaPod is built up of loose ball joints of high-grade plastic that together form the tripod’s three legs. Because all joints can rotate freely from each other, you can flex the GorillaPod so that it can be folded down anytime and anywhere, but you can also fold a bicycle handlebar or lantern post.

Design and functionality

The GorillaPod is the best-known example of a product where design and functionality meet. Everywhere in the world, the GorillaPod has already been conquered by the human qualities that can be aided by the flexible tripod and the handiness it offers because it is everywhere to be confirmed. The product line includes flexible stands like the GorillaPod 325, the GorillaPod 1K and the GorillaPod Magnetic 325 and these stands are handy, compact and lightweight. Still, it’s the perfect stand for your camera.

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