MagMod Correction Gels Set


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  • For Use with the MagBox 24 Octa Softbox
  • Polycarbonate Fabrication
  • 2 x Full CTO Gels, , 3 x 1/2 CTO Gels
  • 2 x 1/4 CTO Gels, 1 x Full Blue Gel
  • Requires MagGrip for Use

4,500 5,500

Out of stock

MagMod Correction Gels Set

This set of 8 rigid polycarbonate gels makes color correction and creativity with your MagBox super simple. Pop up to 2 gels into the MagBox’s built-in gel holder to balance your softbox’s color temperature instantly, or to create custom hues that add drama to your images.

Game-Changing Gels
Flimsy gel sheets are for suckers. MagMod’s rigid polycarbonate gels are based on standard Roscoe colors and pop right into your softbox, saving you time and hassle when you gotta work fast. (Which is always, right?!)

One Big, Happy Family
MagBox products integrate seamlessly with the rest of your MagMod gear. So go ahead and try things you’ve never tried before: stack up rigid gels, stack multiple modifiers or switch deftly back and forth between large and small light sources. Nailing the perfect image—and knowing you can do it quickly and easily without fail—unlocks a whole new world of creative confidence.


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