MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit


  • Shape : Octagon
  • Interior Color : Silver
  • Material : Fabric, Fiberglass
  • Requires Speed Ring : Yes, Not Included

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MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit

In The Box

  • MagBox 24 Octa
  • 24 FocusDiffuser
  • MagRing
  • MagShoe + 1/4-20 Adapter
  • Small Case
  • Correction Gels


  • MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Softbox (24″)
    Magnets inside the base of the MagBox make attachment fast, silent, and super strong. Even if you tilt your softbox at a deep angle or (for some reason) shoot inside a wind tunnel, the MagBox and the MagRing are staying put.
    The MagBox is one solid piece. Pop it open with an easy click. With magnets in the base, you can throw it onto your MagRing in a second. When you’re ready to remove the MagBox from the MagRing, simply press the Magnetic Field Disrupter. Then fold up the MagBox; it collapses in one neat, portable piece and can be stored safely in the MagBox Case.
    The versatile MagBox can be used with one or two speedlights – any flash that has MagMod’s patented MagGrip installed will work. Or use one of the available adapters to mount your Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom, or Paul C. Buff strobe.
    The calculated design of the MagBox 24 Octa distributes light evenly and without a hotspot, the reason why this softbox is devoid of an internal baffle. It can be used with one or two speedlights. The MagBox provides clean light quality and optimal output.
  • MagMod MagRing
    Neodymium magnets inside the MagGrip (not included) allow speedlights to attach securely to the MagRing without tools or locking knobs.
    With your speedlights magnetically attached to the MagRing, close the rear latching doors for additional security.
    The MagRing system is incredibly fast as it uses magnets and latches to secure your speedlights. This toolless mounting method makes for rapid setup and breakdown.
    MagRing works with MagBox accessories.
  • MagMod MagShoe for MagRing
    The built-in locking lever is designed to be locked or unlocked using only one hand. It features an integrated locking ring that locks your flash or MagRing in place without using the locking ring on your flash.
    When mounted on a stand, you can tilt the MagShoe forward or back over a range of 155° by simply squeezing the trigger and tilting the unit. Releasing the trigger re-engages the tilt lock. this is a single-handed operation that does not require tightening or loosening locking levers or knobs.
  • MagMod MagBox Case
    The travel-friendly MagMod MagBox Case is designed to hold, protect, and transport your MagBox Light, MagRing, two MagShoes, two speedlight flahses, two FocusDiffusers, and twenty four or more MagBox Gels.
  • MagMod MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser
    Inside the FocusDiffuser, micro-structures alter the angle of light in 40- or 20-degree beam angles, softly redirecting light forward and causing less spill.
    The FocusDiffuser gives you the same increase in effective light output potential as that in a larger modifier.
    Create flattering soft light and place it exactly where you want it. The FocusDiffuser limits spill light to give you the control you need to work more efficiently and save time in post.
    The FocusDiffuser attaches to the MagBox in seconds, quietly and easily via integrated magnets. And when you’re done with it, you can roll it up neatly and store it safely inside your MagBox Case.
    The MagBox’s output with the FocusDiffuser is up to 2.8 stops brighter. It gives you the softness you’d expect with the control and precision of a grid.
  • MagMod Correction Gel Set
    Put together by MagMod to assist photographers in converting their speedlight’s daylight color balance to tungsten or to warm or cool its quality of light, the Correction Gel Kit contains eight rigid polycarbonate gels that slip into the integrated slot in the MagBox Octa.
    The set includes a Full CTO, 1/2 CTO, and, 1/4 CTO filters, as well as Full CTB, 1/2 CTB, Full Plus Green, 1/2 Plus Green, and an 8x ND filter.
    The gels require separate purchase of a MagGrip for use.


  • Shape : Octagon
  • Interior Color : Silver
  • Requires Speed Ring : Yes, Not Included
  • Accepts Grids : Yes
  • Removable Front Face : Yes
  • Light Loss : 1 Stop
  • Material : Fabric, Fiberglass
  • Circular Dimensions : ø: 24.0" / ø: 61.0 cm (Open)
  • Weight : 26 oz / 0.74 kg (without Case)

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