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Moza Mini MX 2 Smartphone Gimbal
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Moza Mini MX 2 Smartphone Gimbal



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Moza Mini MX 2 Smartphone Gimbal

In The Box

  • Moza Mini MX 2 Smartphone Gimbal
  • Charge Cable
  • Mini Tripod
  • Storage Pouch
  • Wrist Strap
  • User Manual


  • Introduce the World’s First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal- MOZA Mini MX2. The innovation of the auto-sense phone holder can precisely clamp and release your phone automatically and provide you an extraordinary hands-free shooting experience.

Smart Sensor

  • The built-in Smart Sensor detect your phone easily and precisely.

Automatic Releasing and Clamping

  • The Automatic Releasing and Clamping design helps to free your hands and entirely focus on filming.

Automatic Balancing

  • Simply place the phone in the center of the holder, the clamp automatically close and balancing.

Impressive Stabilization

  • With the upgrade of the MOZA classic “DeepRed” anti-shake algorithm, the stabilization of the gimbal now reaches a new level. MOZA Mini MX2 enables you to provide stable and smooth shots even under extreme shaking environments.

Instant Portrait and Landscape Transition

  • The smart transition design enables you to transit from portrait to landscape orientation in a second. Triple press the power button, the gimbal will easily switch between portrait and landscape filming to quickly adapt to various shooting scenes. Save time and never miss incredible moments.

The Spiral Folding Design

  • The classic MOZA spiral folding design allows you to travel everywhere with the Mini MX2. The folding size is no bigger than a notebook and can be easily stored in the handbag or even your pocket. Take MOZA Mini MX2, place the world in your palm.

Ergonomic Handle Design

  • The MOZA Mini MX2 has been designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The ergonomic handle design of the gimbal allows you to shoot naturally at all angles to get the best shot. You can easily shoot all day without feeling tired or worrying about straining your wrists.

Ingenious Shooting Ecosystem

  • Efficient x Intelligent

Smart Gesture Control

  • Enjoy hands-free shooting with Smart Gesture Control. Use simple hand gestures to trigger the shutter and start/stop recording.

Magic Mode

  • Use our awesome Magic Mode templates to find inspirations for your work. More than 15 different themes can satisfy all your shooting needs.

Edit in Seconds

  • The MOZA Genie App offers an advanced editing system that can output your masterpiece in seconds.

Advanced Shooting Modes

Slow Motion

  • Film every emotion and details of the character with our Slow Motion Mode, express your feelings in the most romantic way.

Time Lapse

  • Capture beautiful changing of the time in Time -lapse Mode. Share sunset and sunrise with the loved ones in a unique way.

Inception Mode

  • Rotate into Inception Mode. With its dynamic rotation, speed adjustments and angle control, even beginners can create the amazing shots.

Sport Mode

  • Want to record the fabulous moments of your heros in a game? The Sport Mode can do you a favor. No matter how fast the move, it can always track them in the center of your screen.

Control Phone Camera via Bluetooth

  • The gimbal can connect your phone camera and access the basic camera controls via Bluetooth in a second. No more complicated manual balancing required, the Mini MX2 is here to save your precious time during the creative process.

Expand the Possibilities

  • MOZA Mini MX2 is equipped with the 1/4 expansion interface. It can connect to a tripod, telescopic extension rod and other accessories to provide unlimited shooting possibilities.



Payload : 280g

Weight : 423g

Dimensions (mm) :
Expanded Dimensions:120*120*265 (L*W*H)
Folded Dimensions:145*60*180 (L*W*H)


Supported Smartphone Dimensions : 60~88 mm

Supported Phones : Weight: 143 ~ 280g


Battery Life : 24h (Reference battery life under test with gimbal well balanced)

Battery Specs : Standard Voltage: 7.4VBattery Capacity: 2000mAh

Charging Time : 2.5h


Mechanical Range : Pan:340°

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