NiSi V5 Pro 100mm Filter Holder Kit


  • Holder for Filters 100mm-Wide, 2mm-Thick
  • Slots for 3 Rectangular Filters
  • Edge-Only Grips for Rectangular Filters
  • Includes Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Circular Polarizer Rotates Independently
  • Holds 3 Rectangular & Polarizer Filters
  • Aluminum-Alloy Construction
  • Rotates 360°
  • Includes Leather Filter Holder Case

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NiSi V5 Pro 100mm Filter Holder Kit

In The Box

  • Holder
  • 86mm Landscape CPL
  • 82mm main Adapter
  • 77-82mm Adapter ring
  • 72-82mm Adapter ring
  • 67-82mm Adapter ring
  • Leather Filter Holder Case


  • Durable aluminum-alloy filter holder provides three pairs of filter slots, a configuration that accommodates up to three, separately-available 100mm-wide, 2mm-thick filters
  • Each slot is designed to grip an installed filter only along the surface of the filter’s edges, avoiding contact with a filter’s front or rear-facing surfaces
  • Use of the filter holder can be easily accomplished by first screwing the included 82mm adapter ring onto a lens with 82mm front filter threads
  • Included step-up rings allow 82mm adapter ring to be used with lenses that have 67mm, 72mm, or 77mm front filter threads
  • Additional step-up rings are separately available for lenses with 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, or 62mm front filter threads
  • Pull-and-release locking lever on filter holder allows for a reliable connection to the 82mm adapter ring which allows the holder to be rotated 360°
  • 82mm adapter ring accommodates included NiSi 86mm circular polarizer filter and allows it to rotate for adjustment of its effect
  • When combined, filter holder and 82mm adapter ring allow for easy installation or removal of the circular polarizer
  • Additional adapter rings are separately available for lenses with 86mm or 95mm front filter threads
  • Leatherette pouch included for storage and transport

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