Sekonic C-700 Spectrometer


  • Measures LED, HMI, & Fluorescent
  • Measures Tungsten, Flash, & Natural Light
  • 4.3″ Touchscreen with 9 Display Modes
  • Displays Rosco, Lee, Fuji, Wratten Names
  • Displays CRI, White Balance Compensation
  • Multiple Light Comparison
  • CMOS Sensor and Linear Variable Filter
  • Stores 99 Full-Data Measurements
  • Reads Color Temp. from (1,600-40,000K)
  • Reads 0.09 to 18,600 fc (1-200,000 lux)

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Sekonic C-700 Spectrometer

In The Box

  • Sekonic C-700 Spectrometer
  • CD-ROM with Operating Manual and C-7000 Series Utility
  • Soft Case
  • Strap


  • Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash in 1 nanometer (nm) output wave length increments from 380 to 780nm
  • Stand-alone spectrometer that measures the flash light with sync cord connection or cordless mode
  • User-friendly design: 270 degree swivel head, dark calibration without cap, large 4.3″ color touch panel LCD, and Customize function
  • Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,563 to 100,000K) and illumination (1 to 200,000 lux in ambient light, 20 to 20,500 lux·s in flash light)
  • Various displays (Text, Spectrum Graph, Spectrum Comparison Mode, CRI Mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison Mode, CIE1976 Mode, CIE1976 Comparison Mode)
  • Measurements of Kelvin (K), Illuminance (lux), CRI (Ra, R1 thru. R15), Deviation (⊿uv), Tristimulus values (XYZ), Chromaticity Coordinate(xyz / u’v’), Dominant Wavelength(λd), Peak Wavelength(λp), Excitation Purity(Pe), PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)
  • Up to 999 data measurements can be stored. Memory function also enables naming or renaming the title of memory and clearing the stored value. It is useful to compare various light sources or to check deterioration of single sources over time
  • C-7000 Utility (in CD-ROM included in the package) offers easy settings and updating firmware on Windows basis in the meter. Via C-7000 Utility software, the output of the spectrum data at every 1nm in CSV format and the output of the spectrum distribution graph, CIE1931 (1964), CIE1976 diagram, CRI graph bar in JPEG/BMP/PNG format are also available


  • Meter Type : Ambient
    Flash Metering : Corded
  • Metering
    Light Readings : CIE1931/CIE1964
    CRI (Color Rendering Index)
    Correlated Color Temperature (TCP)
    Deviation (Δ uv)
    Dominant Wavelength (λd)
    Horizontal Footcandle (HFc)
    Lux Sec (HLx)
    Peak Wavelength (λp)
    Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
    Purity (Pe)
    Measuring Range : Ambient: 1 to 200,000 Lux / 0.1 to 18,600 fc
    Flash: 20 to 20,500 Lux / 1.86 to 1900 fc
    Spectral Wavelength Range : 380 to 780 nm
  • Physical
    Receptor Element : CMOS
    Display : 4.3" / 11 cm Color Touchscreen LCD
    Interface : USB 2.0 Port
    Memory Card Slots : None
    Tripod Mounting Thread : None
  • Environmental
    Operating Temperature : 14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C
    Storage Temperature : 14 to 140°F / -10 to 60°C
  • General
    Battery : 2 x AA
    Wireless Connectivity : None
    Dimensions : 2.9 x 7.2 x 1.1" / 73 x 183 x 27 mm (without Dome)
    2.9 x 7.2 x 1.6" / 73 x 183 x 40 mm (with Dome)
    Weight : 8.1 oz / 230.0 g (without Batteries)

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