Sekonic L-858D Speedmaster Light Meter

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  • Start-up Guide, Strap, Lens Cap (Installed on the meter), Soft Case, Anti-glare sheet for LCD Screen, Safety precaution guide, USA warranty Card, 2AA batteries are not included

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Sekonic L-858D Speedmaster Light Meter

With it’s 2.7″ color touch screen and truly innovative and sophisticated features, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D leads the way to the next generation of light measurement control as the world’s first multi-function light meter for photographers and filmmakers. Leveraging over 60 years of experience in the image-making world with cutting-edge technology, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D has undergone a significant design change and boasts a comprehensive feature set sure to meet and exceed the demands of today’s photographers and filmmakers.

The first meter of its kind capable of measuring flash duration, while also being able to achieve an accurate ambient exposure reading in dimly lit scenes as low as 0.1 lx, the Sekonic L-858d provides image-makers of all levels with the critical exposure data they need to create stunning and beautiful imagery.

The first to provide wireless compatibility with Elinchrom, Phottix, and PocketWizard products, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D also provides ultimate control to photographers seeking a faster and more streamlined workflow. Limitless creative possibilities are within reach through the meter’s ability to measure High Speed Sync (HSS) and calculate proper ambient-flash exposure for precision flash exposure control.

With an increased light-sensitivity and extended ISO and Shutter Speed Ranges, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D enables all image-makers to obtain measurements in extremely low light and turn those readings into creative decisions. Finally, matching the high-ISO capabilities of today’s cameras, by accurately metering in low-light, is finally possible.


Flash Duration Measurements

  • Understanding flash duration is the first step in freezing fast-moving subjects. Since all cameras are limited to relatively low sync speeds, stopping motion in a single image is often achieved by leveraging short flash durations with the camera’s max sync speed. A long-held secret of some of the world’s most talented photographers, the key to freezing action consistently is found in being able to measure flash duration. Photographers are now able to do this easily for the first time, demystifying one of photography’s most challenging techniques.

Radio Control Modules for Wireless Triggering

  • Having pioneered wireless exposure measurement, the L-858 Speedmaster Pro expands upon this ground-breaking innovation by adding functionality for Elinchrom Skyport and Phottix Strato II/ Ares II users allowing more photographers to experience the benefits of wireless freedom.
  • With the PocketWizard module photographers can easily trigger any PocketWizard wirelessly and control the power of their lights with any Control TL Compatible Unit.
  • With the Combined Elinchrom & Phottix Module, photographers have full Skyport triggering and power-control capabilities, while Phottix users have Strato II and Ares II triggering capabilities.

Increased Light Sensitivity

  • Increased ISO capabilities in today’s cameras have created a need for light meters to increase their ability to measure light in the dimmest of settings. With an additional 3-stops of light sensitivity for incident light, 2-stops of light sensitivity for reflected light (spot), and an ability to capture a reading down to 0.1 lx of Illuminance, accurately metering scenes lit by candlelight or getting the right measurement for long-exposure night photography is now a possibility.

HSS Flash Measurements

  • The L-858D is the first meter of its kind that can measure the stroboscopic pulses fired from strobes when they are used for Hi-Speed Sync. Finally, photographers now have an accurate way of measuring their lights when they want to overpower the sun or achieve a very shallow depth of field through using HSS.

Flash Analyzing Function

  • The L-858D is especially useful for on-location shooting to lighten shadows or reduce background detail. That’s because it measures ambient and flash simultaneously and automatically indicates the percentage of flash in the total exposure. You can easily adjust the ambient flash mix by turning the Jog Wheel. The digital display indicates the camera settings and an analog display shows the relationship between ambient and flash and the total exposure.

Determining the Dynamic Range of your camera.

  • Shoot with the equipment you use most. Make tests under daylight and studio lighting. Exposure Profile Target requires an 11-shot bracket (0, +/- 5EV). Exposure Profile Target II shown at the right requires a 3-shot bracket (-3EV, 0,+3EV). Make a spot reading of 18% reflectance tone and incident reading in front of target and record data. Shoot the bracketed shots based on incident light measurement.

Entering Data

  • Download test images into computer. If shot in RAW, convert to TIFF for computation. Enter ISO, incident, and reflected light shooting data. Then select images and press OK to watch the Sekonic Data Transfer Software program graph the dynamic range of your DSLR camera. Save the data for transfer to the L-858D.

Full information Spot Viewfinder

  • The 1-degree spot meter has a broad reading range from EV 1 to EV 24.4 for ambient light and measures flash down to an amazing f/2.0. Its large, bright viewfinder with diopter correction and full-information data display give you everything you need to make the right exposure decisions without having to take your eye from the eyepiece.

Additional Features:

Expanded Shutter Speed Range for Ambient Light
Measure ambient light for shutter speeds between 30 min. to 1/64,000s

Expanded Shutter Speed Range for Strobe
Measure strobes for shutter speeds between 30 min. to 1/16,000s

Extended ISO Range
Additional ISO range from ISO 3 to ISO 13,107,200, with ISO 850 for cinema cameras

Full HD Cine and CINE modes
Measure from 1 to 1000 fps or shutter angles of 1 to 358 degrees

Filter Compensation Mode
Photographers and filmmakers using high-density ND filters now have a filter factor of up to 12EV. Save up to 30 “favorites,” to instantly know what exposure compensation needs to be considered.

2.7” Color dot‐matrix touch screen
Allows users to quickly and easily change settings and read important information

Connectivity with MAC/PC DTS Software
Upgrade firmware, apply custom settings, and utilize exposure profiling

All-Weather Design
Dust-proof and Splash proof (JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4, Splash-Proof Type) for continued reliability and durability on-set, in any location.


Metering Type
Sensor : SPD

Measuring System : Exposure Meter
Incident light: Swivel head, lumidisc retractable
Reflected light: Switching, 1 deg. spot

Measuring Range and Modes
Measuring Modes Ambient Light : T priority, F priority, TF priority, HD_CINE (T priority), CINE (f/s priority), Lux/FC, Cd/m2/FL

Measuring Modes Flash : Cordless, Cord-in (PC), Radio triggering (Optional: PocketWizard/EL-Skyport/Phottix), Multiple cumulative flash, HSS, Flash duration analysis.

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Incident Light
-5 to 22.9 EV
0.1 to 2,000,000 lx
0.01 to 180,000 fc

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Reflected Light
-1 to 24.4EV
0.1 to 980,000 cd/m2
0.03 to 290,000 fl

Measuring Range Flash Incident Light
F0.5 to F161.2(=128.9)

Measuring Range Flash Reflected Light
F1.0 to F161.2(=128.9),

ISO Range : ISO 3 to ISO 13,107,200 + ISO 850

Aperture Range (Ambient Light) : F0.5 to 161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step (Analog Scale: F1.0 to F90 in 1/3 step)

Aperture Range (Flash Light) : F0.5 to 161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step (Analog Scale: F1.0 to F90 in 1/3 step)

Shutter Speeds Range (Ambient Light) : 30m to 1/64,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step (Analog scale: 4s to 1/2,000s in 1/3 step)

Shutter Speeds Range (Flash Light) : 30m to 1/16,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step

Flash Duration Range (Flash Light) : 1/40 to 1/55,500s(25ms to 18us) from 0.1. to 0.9 (in 0.1 steps)

Frame Rate Range (Ambient Light) : 1 to 1,000 f/s plus other 20 settings (customized from 0.001 to 99,999.999)

Shutter Angles Range (Ambient Light) : 1 to 358 deg. plus other 20 settings (customized from 0.001 to 360)

EV Range (Ambient Light) : Incident light EV-73.9 to EV103.8 Reflected light: EV-69.9 to EV105.3

Exposure Profile : Yes

Memory : Yes (9 times) both incident and reflected light

Contrast/Comparison Function : Yes (+/-9.9EV in 1/10 step)

Radio System : Optional Transmitters with RT-20PW - PocketWizard (344MHz) with RT-EL/PX - Elinchrom EL-Skyport/Phottix (2.4GHz)

Flash vs Ambient Analyzing : Yes (in 10% step)

Filter Compensation : Yes (-12 to 12EV, preset 30 type)

Exposure Compensation : Yes (-9.9 to +9.9)

Calibration Compensation : Yes (-1.0 to +1.0)

Custom Settings : Yes (17 custom settings)


Water Resistance : Yes

Diopter Adjustment : Yes (-1 to 2.5 D)

Tripod Socket : Yes

Operating Temperature : -10 to 50 deg. C

Storage Temperature : -20 to 60 deg. C

Power source : 1.5V x 2 (AA battery), USB bus-power

LCD : 2.7" color dot matrix touch panel LCD

LCD Backlight : Yes

Weight (lbs.) : 0.53

Weight (KG) : 0.24

Product Length Inches : 6.90

Product Width Inches : 3.70

Product Height Inches : 1.90

In The Box

  • Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U Light Meter
  • Anti-Glare Sheet for LCD Screen
  • Lens Cap
  • Strap
  • Soft Case

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