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Tether Tools CUC15 TetherPro USB-C to USB-C
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Tether Tools CUC15 TetherPro USB-C to USB-C


  • Tether Your Camera to Your Laptop
  • 15′ Long
  • 5 Gb/s Transfer Rate
  • Fully Shielded and Plated

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Tether Tools CUC15 TetherPro USB-C to USB-C

In The Box

  • CUC15 TetherPro USB-C to USB-C


  • With this Black / Orange, 15 ft long Tether Tools TetherPro USB Type-C Male to USB Type-C Male Cable, you can connect a camera, smartphone, or other USB Type-C device to a computer, for the purposes of transferring data.
  • This cable supports USB 3.0 for data transfer rates of up to 5 Gb/s.
  • If you connect a camera to a laptop and your camera is compatible with tethering, you can use this cable to help increase productivity during photo shoots.
  • Rather than proof images on your camera’s small LCD, they are sent directly to a notebook’s larger, hi-res display.
  • Seeing images in this way helps to review them for slight imperfections that you may have otherwise missed.
  • To help enhance performance, this cable is fully shielded and plated to help minimize signal interference.


  • Interface : USB 3.1 / USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gb/s)
  • Connector 1 : USB Type-C Male
  • Connector 2 : USB Type-C Male
  • Cable Type : Cable
  • Cable Length : 15' / 4.57 m
  • Variable Length : No

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