VSGO V-B011E Dust Blower – Orange


  • Designed to allow air to enter only one way through the filter. so that no dust comes out of the blowing wind.
  • The material is designed to neutralize static electricity, leaving no dust on it. or sticky to touch
  • Designed to be placed like a biennial doll.

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VSGO V-B011E Dust Blower – Orange

In The Box

  • VSGO V-B011E Dust Blower – Orange


  • One-way air inlet channel and the air filter can prevent pollen, dust, mycete and particles, etc. from entering the air blow and eliminate secondary pollution, while preventing dust from entering the camera.
  • The tumbler-type design
    The IMP lens air blower adopts the rumbler-type design, not easy to roll or get dirty, keeping the nozzle away from the ground and dust.
  • Dustproof
    The silicone anti-static technology can improve the problem of silicone static adsorption of dust and, at the same time, maintaining the soft feeling of silica gel.
  • Easy to clean
    When you are outdoors in the sand or seawater, it is easy to clean the body of the camera lens air blower.
  • Replaceable
    The air filter is easy to replace, you can buy it in our store.
  • Dirt removal ability
    The IMP blower can effectively remove dust and stain.
  • Application
    Not only can use air cleaning blower clean your cameras, but can also clean your keyboards, figures and succulents.

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